Pre-Algebra can be a very confusing subject to many students since it is the first course with the concept of a variable. Many 6th, 7th, and 8th graders strugle with this concept. Learn tutors understand this issue, and explain all Pre-Algebra in order to prepare the student for Algebra.


Algebra, is the single most important subject that a student will take in his/her math career. Algebra is used in every discipline of mathematics, from Geometry throughout higher level math classes, Algebra is the tool by which all mathematic results are achieved.

Many students strugle with classes such as geometry, pre-calculus, calculus, because of a week bases in Algebra.


Like Pre-Algebra, can be confusing to many students as this is a course where proofs are introduced. This type of reasoning can be troublesome to many.


Trigonometry is typically a college level class, however the trigonometric functions are usually introduced in a geometry class, and can be also found in Pre-Calculus classes.


Sometimes viewed as an advanced algebra II class, it introduces the student to many concepts that will be further investigated in a calculus class.